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Since I started Twork It Out Fitness my life has changed for the better in a number of ways: I experience less stress, I eat better food, I sleep better, I have lost 12 pounds, and I have dropped one size nearly two. I even started running, which is something I used to despise, and now I run 5k easily. The most remarkable thing is that all of this has been so much fun and it has happened so quickly I did all of this in less than three months and enjoyed every minute. The other thing I love about the Fit Camp is that I dont have to be an athlete to do it I just show up, work at it consistently and I get results.

- Amy Williamson

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Jessyca's Weight Loss Testimonial

I bought it as a Groupon but it became so much more than that. I was in Twork it for over a year and I saw my body change dramatically. I lost weight, lowered my body fat percentage below 15% and became so much stronger! My before and after picture says a lot! Twork it is an amazing place to begin your fitness journey! Coach pin will help you in any way he can with hard workouts, nutrition advice, challenges to keep you on track and testing to see your progress. Hard work and a little dedication and you will smash all of your goals! Because of Twork it I can now jump higher, run faster, oh and do a 10 minute plank:) A few new fitness goals of mine this year are to run a full marathon, maybe a triathlon and to lift heavier:)

- Jessyca Dubois

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Jeff's Weight Loss Testimonial

Im 27 years old and have been working out routinely since the age of 16. I was a typical workout guyId hit the gym, run a few miles, and occasionally attended a spinning/group classes to switch it up. Throughout the years Ive gained weight, and decided to do something different. I was looking for a workout that would shock my body and then I found Coach Pins Boot camp classes online.

Coach Pins classes are tough. The classes are 40-45 minutes of high intensity workouts and are held 4 times a week. I left each class drenched in sweat and sore in the arms and legs. Coach Pin puts together awesome workouts which will test your cardio and weight strength at the same time and has the right amount of energy to push you through every rep. I weighed about 196lbs before the workout and 4 weeks later Im down to 188lbs all while not changing my diet! I would highly recommend anyone to Coach Pin as he will help you burn fat. Coach Pins workouts will boost your overall strength and will be a breath of fresh air to your normal workout routine.

- Jeff Tillman

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